Genealogic Research
in Austria, particularly

Carinthia, Vienna and Niederoesterreich
Hans Pawlik

As an Austrian genealogist and heraldist,
working by order as an independent freelance and doing
family and heraldic research, I would like to
give you a general view of my field of activity.



Nobility in Carinthia

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Wappen Kärnten

born in 1961, married 1999, living in Wien (Vienna) and Klagenfurt in Kaernten (province of Carinthia, in the south of Austria)

Coat of arms of the Dukedom Carinthia, 1585
(c) Kaerntner Landesarchiv, 1992

Wappen Kärnten

Special subjects: Nobility, aristocracy in Carinthia

Wappen Kärnten

More than 30 years experience with genealogy and heraldry work and research in archives

Wappen Kärnten

At the moment preparing an extensive work "Genealogy Of Carinthian Nobility"


My research deals with tracing the history, descent and coats of arms of old families in Austria, particularly focusing on my native area Carinthia, the southernmost region in Austria.


I am able to fill orders efficiently at a reduced price and can help save my clients valuable time, as I am already a specialist in this field. For many years I have researched intensively in local archives and specialist genealogical libraries, and my work is computer-supported and contains extensive databases.

I undertake the search for clients’ family histories, details of ancestors, and any bestowal of privileges, hierarchical promotion and acts of graces in Austria and all southern neighbouring areas.

The results of my research consist of transcriptions of written documents, photographs and copies of original documents, all of which include precise references and explanations. Anything can be easily duplicated. The whole database is electronically stored and processed via computer and includes genealogical records such as family trees and lines of ancestors.

This information and material is ideal as a very special personal gift, to celebrate, for example, a wedding, birthday or anniversary. I can arrange for this family data to be bound in a book, or, upon special request, for
coats of arms to be cut in wood, or personal signet rings produced. This imparts an exclusive and unique quality to any present.

My investigative research can, of course, be limited up to a certain generation as desired, and my results then only include detailed information up to this requested point in time.

Please include with your order as much factual information as possible and exact particulars of any material already in your possession. It is extremely helpful and accelerates the progress of research if I receive copies of any birth, wedding or death certificates, copies of passports or other ancestral documents, together with the relevant details of name, surname, country of origin, profession, religion, other temporal information, and of course sources of references.

Please send your order, stating your particular research objective to the following addresses:

Offers are made free of charge upon receipt of orders. Fees are calculated on the basis of anticipated research expenses, and are not influenced by the generation or number of ancestors to be researched.

Hans Pawlik.

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